Welcome to
the Beekeeper's website

Cheers for coming to check us out. Hopefully you came here because you tried some of our awesome honey and wanted to learn a bit more about it. If not, that's cool because The Beekeeper wants to convince you to go grab a jar that takes your fancy and taste a spoonful of New Zealand!

The Beekeeper at heart produces great New Zealand honey and worries most about looking after the bees, but making and selling honey is also about passing on a few facts about the honey bee and how they fit into our lives, and also about conserving and promoting all that is our beautiful country, Aotearoa.

At the moment, we are focusing on 3 special honeys from the Waikato region, our home, but in future The Beekeeper wants to offer you a unique range that will give you a spoonful from the East to the West coast, North island to the South, from the foothills of mountains to the shores of lakes, so keep an eye of The Beekeeper and see what our bees do next.